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Milan Malpensa Airport


Milan Malpensa Airport


135 Euro per person per day or 220 Euro total for a couple for a day ride. For more days and/or more people please contact us. Stelvio/Bormio 450 Euro.

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Read the GENERAL CONDITIONS concerning Lake Como Cycling Tours

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TOURS: Lake Como daily guided Tours

Daily guided tours (highly recommended!) of one day or more around Lake Como area available. Send us an email at and we will be happy to reply to your questions!

FYI, prices are:
135 Euro per person for day guided tour ride (plus bike rental) around lake Como area or lake Lugano (Switzerland) just few km away from us
or 220 Euro total for a couple (or 2 people/friends) per day. We can also organize daily trips to Stelvio Pass (Bormio) for about 450 Euro.

Here some examples of possible guided rides:

- loop of lake Lugano (80/85 km - mostly flat): guided ride of about 85 km from Cernobbio across the Swiss border looping around beautiful lake Lugano. This very scenic ride is mostly flat with just a medium/small hill at the beginning of the ride
DIFFICULTY: easy, relaxed ride
TERRAIN: mostly flat

- the classic Bellagio/Madonna del Ghisallo ride and climb up to the most famous church for cycling: the Madonna del Ghisallo in Magreglio (80 km including a climb of about 9 km) above Bellagio .. guided ride of about 80 km along lake Como including the iconic climb to the Madonna del Ghisallo from Bellagio's side
DIFFICULTY: some climbing
TERRAIN: mostly flat along the lake and then a medium/difficult climb up to the church

- loop of lake Lugano with one climb (Ardena) half way into the ride and one climb at the end entering Cernobbio (90 km including a climb on lake Lugano): guided ride of about 90 km from Cernobbio across the Swiss border looping around lake Lugano. There will be a climb of about 7 km before reaching the half way point (Ardena)
DIFFICULTY: easy ride along lake Lugano and two climbs
TERRAIN: mostly flat starting out and some climbing

And many more! Ask Nicole at for more information about guided rides ..

Some more information/description … :

Lake Como and Cernobbio don’t need any presentation at all. Each year, in Spring and Summer, lake Como and the area around it fill up with foreign tourists.
We are located 55 km north of the town of Milano close to the Swiss border, just a few miles away from San Pietro di Stabio where Aussie World Champ Cadel Evans has his residence and used to train. Now, the close to Como town of Lugano became the residence of many Pros of teams Astana and Saxo as multiple Grand Tour winners Vincenzo Nibali and Alberto Contador .. Fabio Aru as well. The closest Airport is Milan/Malpensa, 63 km from here.
Your Hotel will be situated right in hearth of the little town of Cernobbio or nearby, depending on your choise and availability after your reservation. Here you can always enjoy a glass of wine in the square overlooking the lake or have a light lunch at Harry’s Bar (named after the famous Bar where Hemingway used to have his favoured drink in Venice) or a gelato at our favorite “gelateria” few meters away from your Hotel. Cycling in Italy is great!
Lake Como area and lake Lugano are THE perfect spot for all of us cyclists: roads with very little traffic, beautiful mountain scenery, rolling terrain and long hills if that is what you are looking for. This is the area where the final race of the Pro Tour takes place: the Giro di Lombardia. We will ride in fact some of the famous hills of the “Lombardia”: the Schignano hill in Val d’Intelvi, the Osteno hill, the well known Madonna del Ghisallo hill following the steps of greatest Fausto Coppi.
This was the place where the Motorola team and Lance Armstrong were training back in the days, and Lance was living just across Cernobbio on the other side of the Lake.

Madonna del Ghisallo - The Patron Saint of Cyclists, Magreglio (Como)

A trip to lake Como is not complete without a ride up to Ghisallo, visiting the famous hilltop cyclists shrine along the way. The Sanctuary of La Madonna del Ghisallo is a little church at Magreglio, which is 754 meters above sea level, on the Vallassina road, which goes from Milan to Bellagio via Erba, between the two branches of Lake Como. This Blessed Virgin Mary is the Patron Saint of Cyclists.
The little church, originally dated back to year 1000, has no written history but according to tradition the Virgin Mary was venerated on the hill which it is named after and is probably of the types that the villagers used to put by the roadside to protect the villages and their religious heritage.
The holy image was set up in the woods of this area which at the time were full of brigands, who used to seek refuge here and enjoy the right of asylum.
Around the XI century it is said that in the area of Magreglio some brigands threatened to kill a certain Count of Ghisallo while he was out hunting. He prayed to the Madonna he had come across on the spot and the Virgin saved him. This is the reason why the image of the Madonna got the name of "Ghisallo" and she was soon venerated under this title
A little church was built around the original shrine, followed, after a while, in 1623, by the little sanctuary which is a popular spot for visitors.
Due to the geographical position of the Sanctuary, it has become a landmark for cycling competitions including the Tour of Lombardy in October. So the little church has become the symbol of the spiritual elevation of this sport.
On October 13th, 1949 Pope Pius XII appointed the Madonna of Ghisallo Patron Saint of Italian Cyclists.
As a result that Image was, and still is, venerated by international cycling as its Patron Saint and the place has become the focus of many pilgrimages and races.
In the little church there are momentos and trophies from the cycling world, which cyclists have presented as a mark of their devotion to their Patron Saint from 1948 until the present day. The "Monument to the Cyclist" and busts of famous cycling personalities adorn the adjacent area: Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali.

Lake Como has a particular and characteristic shape of an overturned Y with three arms, one towards the North (Sondrio/Stelvio Pass or Chiavenna/Engadina) and the others towards the towns of Como and Lecco. Its perimeter measures 170 km. Was formed during the quaternary era by a large glacier. Lake Como is the third largest of the Italian lakes surfacewise and it’s the deepest with its 410 metres in front of the little village of Nesso (at the end of our long, scenic descent from Pian del Tivano in the Bellagio/Ghisallo ride). The Lario (the historical name of our lake) is all surrounded by mountains. The highest peak is the Monte Legnone (2.610 meters).

Our rides in the gorgeous lake Como area

Rides will take place around lake Como and in nearby Switzerland (in fact during our rides we may cross borders a few times therefore we strongly suggest that you carry at all times your passport in your back jersey pocket) and will range from 60 to 120 km a day.
The itineraries are studied for cycling enthusiasts only, not for people who intend to come here to compete. In order to really enjoy the tour you need to come to lake Como in good shape and condition; lake Como in fact is completely surrounded by mountains that during the winter months are topped with snow.
There will be a couple of easy days to allow recovery. We suggest that before the trip you mount a compact 34 – 25/26, and for the less trained a compact or a triple front gear. A typical day will be start of the group from the Hotel right after breakfast around 8.30/9.00 depending on the length of the ride. The rides will last all morning and afternoon will be free.
We normally start a bike ride with a vest on since the air is rather cool in the morning being Cernobbio situated right at the foot of the mountains. Our group will be limited, so the leader will easily take care of the needs of every rider.
During rides you will have a route sheet and a van will be available in case of an emergency. Most of our participants will be between 40 – 60 years old with a high level of physical fitness. We are looking for riders who are comfortable on the saddle for 4-5 hours a day.
Enjoy stopping for a cappuccino or coffee or a light snack around noon each day at a local bar on the road. After having a big breakfast, most people will find that the best lunch is a small lunch. We do not necessarily supply shoes, pedals, helmets (even though we have a complete set of pedals, some spare shoes and helmets available at a small fee).

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